Mystery Spatula Theater 11

Episode 102 - Robot Wars

Robot Wars, the sequel to Robot Jox (both by Full Moon Entertainment), is a dull action movie concerning a bunch of Battletech-like robots duking it out for control of some territory that looks like some southern California desert. Indeed, in this movie set in the future, there is even an authentic "1993 ghost town" set. Our mysognistic hero and his repellant sidekick Stumpy must use their piloting skills to stop the evil Japanese villian from taking over a bunch of stupefied civilians, as well as save the smart girl and her bimbo sidekick.

This episode features, as a short, the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, entitled "Day Of The Dumpster." Evil Rita escapes from her space dumpster and so Zordon calls together 5 teenagers who fly to his Mugar Omni Theater and learn karate and stuff. Banal, dude.

Host Segments
Opening: Great Moments in Television History
Pre-Movie: Great Moments in the Past from the Future
Skit #1: The bots think up their own Power Rangers
Skit #2: The forged Entertainment Weekly "Hot Sheet"
Skit #3: Spork & Pete's El-Cheapo Robot House of Special Effects
Close: Wesley Gavin Crusher visits the Test Kitchen