Learning things Max was not meant to know, it's

Mystery Spatula Theater 11

Homebrew with just the right touch of flavor.

Mystery Spatula Theater 11, or MST11 for short, is our own fan version of the popular television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Although more fromage than homage, as well as lacking an original premise with which to base the movie-riffing on, the MST11 crew still have fun doing what the "big boys" do. While not exactly the world's most original concept, it's all in good fun and there is no profit to be made from the whole exercise. Check the disclaimer as well.


Mystery Science Theater 3000, MST3000, MST3K, and all the characters and likenesses thereof are © copyright 1999 and property of Best Brains, Inc., which had nothing to do with this production or homepage. All characters in Mystery Spatula Theater 11 are intended as parody only and any likenesses to any actual persons, robots, dogs, holograms, cameras, or disembodied voices, living or dead, is purely coincidental, because this universe is big and vast and coincidences occur all day long right in front of our noses.

All movies are © their respective copyright holders. All rights reserved. These productions are original works, and are being done purely for entertainment and parody purposes, and not for profit. They are not intended to infringe on any other copyrights under the terms of fair use.

Please don't sue us, we don't have any money anyway.

Mystery Spatula Theater 11And now, purely for the cheesiness factor, an animated gif that you can add to your home page...

<a href="https://www.ilikesheep.com/mst11/"><img src="https://www.ilikesheep.com/mst11/mst11anim150.gif" width="150" height="100" alt="Mystery Spatula Theater 11" border="1" /></a>