Mystery Spatula Theater 11

Episode 101 - Plan 9 From Outer Space

We join Max on the Test Kitchen just as the video link has been established; and he (like the rest of us) wonder why he's there. Dr. Mushmeyer and Dr. Tastic soon arrive to tell him what he's about to spend the rest of his life doing - screening awful movies and reporting their worth. His first movie? Plan 9 From Outer Space, arguably one of the worst movies ever made. This movie is so bad, the lead actor died while filming, and the movie was completed using a dentist with a cape over his face for the rest of the movie. Not only is Max subjected to this, but he also gets instructional videos on being a good worker. It's of little use to Max up in space, but perhaps it was the only thing that Dr. M and Dr. T could find to help Max with his new career. To pass the time between movie segments, Max also builds himself several robot friends, and they join in the movie fun as well. The wackiness begins...

Host Segments
Opening: When Max goes out on a bender, he really goes out on a bender
Pre-Movie: Exposition 'R' Us
Skit #1: Max builds the bots
Skit #2: Educating Bouncey
Skit #3: Why, why, WHY?!
Close: Evil will always triumph!